Day One Conference

WEDNESDAY 30 March 2022




Registration, coffee and networking

Opening remarks from the chair

Geoffrey Pidcock
Senior Data Analyst

AI and its role in the future of business success

International Keynote: Preparing for the next evolution of AI as a driver for business success
  • Examining the current limitations of AI and the areas most ripe for further expansion
  • Highlighting the importance of narrow AI as a tool for future business growth
  • Clarifying how AI utilises big data to analyse trends and patterns allowing for more precise decision-making and business predication

Kay Firth-Butterfield
Head of AI and Machine Learning
World Economic Forum

Developing long-term growth through unlocking the value in your legacy data systems
  • Developing a robust data strategy that prioritises data quality
  • Using good actionable data to ensure your AI/ML platforms are working smarter not harder
  • Understanding what to do if you encounter problems when implementing digital transformation initiatives

Noel Jarrett
Chief Data Officer

EY session

Jeff Frazer
EY Oceania Director, Intelligent Automation and APAC Intelligent Automation Managed Services Leader

Morning tea and Networking

Outlining how the NSW Government is using AI to enhance government services
  • Examining the role AI and data analysis plays in improving delivery of government services
  • Enhancing data across government departments
  • Rolling out new and improved services based on quantifiable data and long-range planning

Dr Ian Oppermann
NSW Government Chief Data Scientist
NSW Department of Customer Service

DataRobot Presentation

Avanade Presentation

Jim Edwards
Director Analytics

Networking lunch
AI for growth and profitability

Panel Discussion: Addressing the complexities of scaling AI for business profitability and competitive success
  • What do you recommend as the most critical focus areas to investigate before launching new AI scaling pilot programs?
  • What are the best strategies for overcoming bottlenecks to ensure that data is easily accessible?
  • What are the critical requirements necessary to understand before attempting to scale AI?
  • What are the key challenges organisations face when they begin trying to scale their AI, and how can they overcome these challenges?

Panel Moderator:

Dr Nandita Sharma
Director – Data Science
Australian Taxation Office (ATO)


Joanna Gurry
Chief Data Officer| Executive General Manager

Dr Rose Skandari
Data Science Manger
ME Bank (ACS top 25 analytics leaders 2020)

Dr Artak Amirbekyan
Head of Data, AI & ML

Aruna Pattam
Head of AI & Data Science - Asia Pacific & Middle East (APME)
HCL Technologies

Live One-on-One Fireside Chat with Dr Liming Zhu

Dr Liming Zhu, Research Director, Software and Computational Systems and Interim Director, Engineering and Design, CSIRO’s Data61, joins us to discuss some of the exciting work CSIRO’s Data61 are doing in AI to enable Australian industry to deliver innovative products and services. Dr Zhu will also discuss operationalising high-level responsible and ethical AI principles in products and how as a by-product of ethical AI some programs are actually generates better functional products and services


Dr Leila Alem
Adjunct Professor – Human-Computer Interaction
University of Technology

Special Guest:

Dr Liming Zhu
Research Director, Software and Computational Systems and Interim Director, Engineering and Design
CSIRO’s Data61

Afternoon tea
Ethics, Data Mining and AI

Preventing unsafe, illegal and unethical uses of AI
  • Showcasing what’s gone wrong with the use of AI and why
  • Uncovering the critical challenges of using AI ethically
  • Examining the key considerations to use AI responsibly
  • Determining why there is a need for a global approach to implementing AI responsibly and looking at the work already underway

Aurelie Jacquet
Chair – Standards Australia Committee on Artificial Intelligence
Standards Australia

Understanding the privacy and ethical concerns when preparing data for deep learning and analytics
  • Addressing critical privacy concerns when compiling large volumes of client data
  • Understanding the importance of developing a clear protocol for the ethical use of data before you start
  • Planning to mitigate risk; using data to develop AI products ethically and avoid costly mistakes

Joanne Moss
Independent Non-Executive Director

Developing an ethical AI future
  • Examining ethical issues as they relate to AI
  • Highlighting the responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI
  • Understanding the difference between Ethics of AI and Ethical AI
  • Developing a strong framework for building Ethical AI
  • Discussing AI for Humanity/Good and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama
Manager – Data Science and Analytics
Australian Red Cross

Closing remarks from the chair
End of Day One and Networking Drinks